Tax Questions and Links

Payroll Solutions will handle all of your payroll tax filings!  An average tax penalty can cost just under $1,000. Combine that with confusing form numbers, and what to put in section 2, box 1 line C. Let PSI save you time and money so that you can focus on running your business, and not worrying about an honest mistake that will cost you thousands. We have a dedicated and experienced team that will:

  • Make all Federal, State, and Local tax deposits
  • File all Federal, State, and Local employment returns
  • Resolve notices
  • Create and File W2’s for your business
  • Assist with 1099’s and Affordable Care Act

Frequently Asked Questions

My business has moved locations, what do I need to do?

First, fill out Form 8822-B, Business Change of Address. Send a copy to the IRS, and a copy to your processor. We will update your address in our system and get with you about any potential local tax changes.

Where can I find information about wage rules, including Minimum Wage and overtime pay?

Please review the Department of Labor’s website for any questions you may have regarding payments to employees, including minimum wage for each state that you may operate in.

Payroll Solutions processed my paychecks, but I haven’t received my W2 from my employer. Can you provide me a copy?

Payroll Solutions cannot provide you with a copy of your W2:

  • Our relationship is with your employer and we can’t communicate directly with employees for security and verification reasons. We will only accept requests from your employer.
  • The IRS states it is the employer’s responsibility to provide W2’s to their employee’s.

If you’ve made every attempt to contact your employer, and you are sure they have your correct address on file, the next step would be to contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040, or visit The IRS will send a letter to the employer on your behalf. When you call, you will need your:

  • Name, address, Social Security number and phone number.
  • Employer’s name, address and phone number.
  • Employment dates.
  • Estimate of wages and federal income tax.

Your last check stub would be helpful, however PSI cannot provide this to you. You can also view the Missing W-2 instructions on YouTube. If your employer doesn’t respond to their requests, the IRS can issue you a substitute form (Form 4852) based on the information you’ve provided them that you can use to file your taxes.

I have an IRS Notice. What do I need to do?

Immediately send the notice in to your payroll specialist. The PSI tax team will then determine what needs to be done. If the notice was from a filing that PSI completed, we will work with you and the IRS to get it resolved promptly.

I have an employee whose Social Security Number is wrong. What do I do?

Report it to your payroll specialist. PSI will work to correct it with the unemployment office and the SSA.

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