Client Testimonials

“I’m Marsha Charles and I’m the accountant for Action Recoveries here in Lexington. It was taking quite a bit of my time to do all of the tax filing, so we started working with Payroll Solutions, and we’ve been very, very pleased. Even though we had the staff to do it, we’d rather dedicate our staff to building our business because they can do it more quickly and more efficiently. So, it made it very cost effective. The customer service is excellent. If you have any questions or problems with payroll, you just call them and they take care of it.”

“Hi, I’m Duncan Veach, I work at Beau Graphics. We began working with Payroll Solutions in 2008. It’s just nice to know that you are working with other people from Lexington. You would think that as small as we are, we would consider pulling it back in house to save a couple of bucks, but really I don’t think I would save any money doing it. They do everything! We make sure the money is in the bank, and they take care of all payroll processing, they take care of filing all the reports, they keep payroll police away from my door. This is a brand new year, so we have new tax rates and you don’t have to scurry about trying to make sure you get everything done properly. As busy as we are, it’s just something that happens automatically. There is no worry that you are forgetting to file the reports on time. For what I pay them to do the payroll, I don’t believe I’d be willing to pay myself that little to take care of it. They take care of everything, which works best for me!”

“I’m John Phillips from Darby Dan Farm in Lexington, and we raise thoroughbred race horses. We actually went to a competitor and found them not very good. We came to Payroll Solutions and found that experience to be very good. If you think you can do it better inside, I would ask again because unless you’ve experienced them, you don’t know how good they are. Payroll Solutions has proven to be efficient, quality service, very responsive and reliable.”

“I’m Kathy Heely and I’m the Director of Ecuminical Preschool in downtown Lexington. We’ve been with Payroll Solutions one year and we are really, really happy with them. I heard their commercials on the radio, and I gave them a call, and their prices are great, and it’s worked out really, really well. I’d considered it years before I finally did it, and then I thought “’well, I’ll just give them a call,’ and I’m sorry that I didn’t do it earlier. Let me tell you, it’s been great!”

“My name is Robert Henderson. I’m the owner and surgeon at Georgetown Oral Facial Surgery. I started working with Payroll Solutions in May of 2009. Payroll Solutions makes my year-end tax preparation easier by taking me completely out of the equation. They have my CPA’s number and those two talk, and they just let me know what I need to do, and because of that, it is just so easy. Something else that Payroll Solutions does for me that makes it easier for me is they keep all of their payroll records on an online site, so anytime I can just pull it up, so it’s like I have an off-site file. What I would tell other businesses about Payroll Solutions is that you couldn’t go wrong with these guys. They know their job. I’ve never had them drop the ball. In fact, they helped me out today. I had an audit with my workers comp insurance and I had to have a report ready for them within ten days. All I had to do was pick up the phone and call Payroll Solutions and they were able to run the report and it will be done tomorrow, and I’m here doing this. It really frees me up quite a bit.”

“I’m Mark Stanley of Star Manufacturing. Payroll Solutions has been doing our payroll checks for a couple of years now. We’ve enjoyed the relationship. They are very efficient and they are local. They do their job, and they do it efficiently and they do it economically. I would recommend Payroll Solutions to anyone that doesn’t need hand holding. They are not obtrusive, but I know they are there when we need them. If you want someone to do their job efficiently, I certainly would recommend Payroll Solutions.”

“I’m Rob Perez and I’m the owner of Saul Good Restaurant and Pub. We’ve been working with Payroll Solutions for over a year now. It’s been absolutely wonderful – everything from customer service, to accuracy, to dependability. On time, every time. They make it simple because they are available. If I need to talk to Payroll Solutions on the phone, I pick up the phone and immediately I get someone. They are also very good at checking in with us. Payroll Solutions is as quality as it gets.”

“I’m Vicki Weesner with Weesner Properties. I’ve been with Payroll Solutions for two years now, and couldn’t be happier. I was with a larger company at that time that was doing my payroll and decided that I wanted to use someone local. Being with Payroll Solutions has been so much easier than being with the larger company that we were with. Everything is online. Their service is great. I think working with a local company; they are there for you on a regular basis to answer questions. They understand how our local taxes work, which is one of the big issues that I had and one of the mistakes that the larger company did make. I can’t imagine having a business and not outsourcing something like this when you’ve got a company like Payroll Solutions to do it for you. They are the experts at this, so I wouldn’t imagine trying to do this in house at all. You don’t have to have that worry because we have a lot of other things to take care of. They make it easy for us.”

“I’m Keith Yarber with Top Marketing Group. We have two websites (, and we publish a magazine. We tried doing all of our payroll in house, ourselves, and it was a lot of work, and a lot of hours – and that is why we went to Payroll Solutions. Our experience with them has been pretty seamless. They came over, set everything up for us. We just send over the forms and they do all the payroll for us. What I would tell other business owners is if you are trying to do your own payroll – stop – and call Payroll Solutions, because they really do make it easy!”

“Hi, my name is Pierce Harvey. I am the owner of Massage Envy over in Hamburg. I first started working with a bigger company and Payroll Solutions offered me everything I was looking for. I think Payroll Solutions shone through because of their customer service. My previous company was based out of another town, so I was always on the other end of a phone. Payroll Solutions being local has been a great help. I like being able to see someone. The staff are always very easy to get a hold of.”

“I’m Burt Christensen with Suntime Pools. We’ve been using Payroll Solutions for about two years. We were using another company, but we liked that fact that they were local and we could get better assistance. We’ve been very happy with them ever since we’ve moved. Payroll Solutions is able to satisfy all of our payroll needs. They’re friendly, and of course we like the fact that they are local, and they give us a competitive rate. Payroll Solutions helps us with all aspects of the payroll. We rely on them to take care of company payroll from A to Z. I would tell other business owners to seriously consider Payroll Solutions. We’ve been very happy with them, and I think that other companies would be very happy with their services as well.”

“Hi, I’m Jim Gerber, and I’m the controller at Videobred. We started working with Payroll Solutions in March of this year. At the time, we were working with a payroll company that was just a little too large for our needs and there were some other tax issues that came into play that made us to look to something else. We contacted our CPA, and they recommended Payroll Solutions.

The experience has been exceptional. The main thing that I really like is that I can call and talk to somebody. Knowing that they are based in Kentucky helps a lot. The software that we use with Payroll Solutions in very intuitive, is easy to use, and it just makes sense in every aspect that we have to deal with. If you are looking for a local payroll company that is professional, easy to work with, and cost effective, I’d look at Payroll Solutions.

“My name is Jim Sawyer, and I own Sawyer’s Downtown in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. Prior to Payroll Solutions, I had used virtually all the nationally known payroll companies. What I found was it was very difficult to be noticed as an employer with sometimes 10 employees, or as many as 22 employees. As it fluctuated, it became very, very difficult for me to be noticed. I wanted to be able to get a little bit better attention, and I wanted to be able to do it at my pace, and Payroll Solutions walked in and offered that to me. One of the things I found really, really beneficial working with Payroll Solutions is I do my payroll online. For me to be able to do the payroll at a time that works for me is fantastic. I’ll take a look and make sure everyone’s paychecks are okay and then I hit send, and that’s all done at my pace, not at their pace. I have been very satisfied with Payroll Solutions since the moment I started with them. I actively tell people that if they have payroll problems or if they even have any questions about payroll that they need to pick up the phone and call Payroll Solutions and meet with them as soon as possible.”

My name is Gwen Everly, and my husband and I own J. Renders Southern Table and Bar, which is located in Beaumont in Lexington, Kentucky.  It has been a fabulous experience for us with Payroll Solutions.  They are a locally owned company, which makes it awesome.  I have found them to be really easy to work with.  They answer all of my questions, my endless questions, with a smile I can feel through email!  Payroll Solutions makes the whole tax thing so easy because I don’t have to do anything, and if anyone can take something off of my plate then it’s a win/win for me.  I would say that Payroll Solutions is your best bet.  They are the perfect payroll company.

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