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Record Retention.

Below are suggested retention guidelines for payroll records.

Record Retention Timeline
1099 Forms 4 yrs.
Applications (non-hire) 1 yr.
Attendance Records 4 yrs.
Cobra Records 3 yrs.
ERISA Records Indefinitely
Garnishments 6 yrs.
I-9 Forms Min. 3 yrs. 1 yr. from termination
Payroll Input / Time sheets 4 yrs.
Payroll Records 6 yrs.
Payroll Tax Returns 4 yrs. to Identify
Quarterly Payroll Reports 6 yrs.
Section 125 Plan Reports 6 yrs.
Time-Off Reports 6 yrs.
W-2 & W-3 Forms 4 yrs.
W-4 Active Employee Until Termination
W-4 Terminated Employee 4 yrs. after termination
Work Certification (minor records) 3 yrs. after termination
Worker’s Comp Accident Claims 11 yrs.
Year to Date Payroll Reports 6 yrs.
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