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Payroll Processing.

Payroll Processing powered by Millenium.

Payroll Solutions, Inc. is powered by Millennium designed specifically for Microsoft Windows and uses the latest 32-bit PC-based operating systems and database technology. Millennium allows virtually unlimited data storage, access, and extraordinary flexible data integration which allows for future growth. Clients with internet access may utilize our new web-based interface Of course clients may also use a fax machine to send in employee information on input work sheets.

Tax Filing Service

Payroll Solutions Inc. Tax Filing Service eases your staff’s burden. By utilizing our Full Tax Service, all Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual deposits (including 941’s and annual reconciliation) are submitted by PSI. Payroll Solutions has direct communication with the IRS to ensure compliance. We conform to all Federal and State guidelines for electronic funds transfer (EFTPS). Complete reports are provided to our clients for their records. Our Full Tax Service includes federal, state and local taxes with PSI accepting primary responsibility. This tax service also accommodates multiple Federal EIN’s, States and Municipalities . Clients enjoy the benefit of exact tax dollars required with every payroll, month-end, quarter-end and year-end. * Basic Tax Service produces tax deposit notices, including amounts and due dates for clients wishing to file their own taxes.

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