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I’m starting a new business, what steps are required in getting my payroll set-up?

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Why outsource my payroll to Payroll Solutions, Inc?

Payroll Solutions is powered by Millennium software, the most powerful payroll software on the market today. Millennium provides customers the functionality of the most extensive in-house payroll system, while simultaneously providing them with a superior outsourced solution. By utilizing our professional service capabilities, you avoid the investment costs associated with day to day activities and staffing, allowing clear focus for core business issues.

What methods of input are available?

Payroll Solutions provides many different options of input to accommodate all our clients. We accept e-mail, fax, internet, and on-site software input submissions.

How reliable is Millennium Software?

Payroll Solutions’s software is currently being used to process millions of checks each year. We pioneered windows-based payroll processing back in 1997, when other payroll services were (and some still are) processing on antiquated DOS and mainframe systems. Our system has stood the test of time and is one of the leading systems utilized for payroll processing.

What hardware/software is required for implementing Millennium software?

Clients with internet access may utilize our new web-based interface… which simply requires a recent version web browser. Of course clients may also use a fax machine to send in employee information on input work sheets.
Hardware Minimum Requirements:
Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz or Higher
Memory: 128MB Ram or Higher
Hard Drive: 20G
Network: TCP/IP installed (installed by default with Windows)
Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP or higher
Internet Access: Broadband Internet connection (T1, Cable, or DSL)
Internet Software: Internet Explorer 5.0 or better
Database Software: SQL 2000 (if applicable)

How secure and confidential is my payroll data?

The staff at Payroll Solutions understands the confidential nature of payroll data for all of our clients. To address this sensitive area we have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in place which are followed everyday for every client. For more information regarding privacy issues for our clients and their employees, please refer to our privacy policy.

Hardware / Software Security Measures: Firewall:
A firewall sits between the internet and the corporate network
and denies access to any machine on the network “inside” the firewall. SSL Encryption:
All communications between your web browser and the web server are encrypted
using 128 bit SSL based security, the internet standard for data encryption.
Encryption ensures that no one can “listen in” to a conversation between the web
browser and the web server.

Server Certification Authentication:
As part of SSL encryption, the web browser provides your browser
with a certificate to verify its identity. A trusted security certificate authority, obtained from Thawte Consulting (owned by VeriSign), creates the certificate.
The certificate gives your web browser confidence that the web
server you are communicating with is indeed the web server owned by and not some other party intercepting the internet traffic to that site.

Client Password-Authorization:
The web server is assured of the identity of the “client” (you) through a username and password combination. If only the client knows the password, the client must be who they say they are. Your accounts are setup with company users, ensuring that you can only login to your company and not any other companies within our service bureau.

Client Access Control Authorization:
Once you have logged into the server, both are confident of each other’s identity, and no one else can intercept your communications, sensitive data can be shared between the two. What pieces of data and what processes are available to a user are controlled by Millennium’s powerful security system. This authorization control is fully honored by the Millennium web application, ensuring that any user permissions setup in Millennium are in effect when using the Millennium web application.

Database Logging:
All changes to any data in Millennium are logged by each user with the old and new values , along with the time the change was made. A complete audit trail is available for review.

Data Back-Up: Data is backed up daily for all clients. Data for clients is synched and backed up at certain intervals in the process and mirrored to another server. This will grant piece of mind that loss of transmitted data should be kept to an absolute minimum.

How flexible is Payroll Solutions, Inc. in meeting my companies needs?

Payroll Solutions’ clients can define a virtually limitless number of earning and deduction types-the limitation is based solely on available disk space. In addition to the unlimited earnings and deductions, there are over 30 groups of data with unlimited numbers of codes, including direct deposits, pay rates, frequency codes, jobs, positions, departments, and much, much more! Our software is seamlessly integrated with Crystal Reports®, the most powerful report writer on the market. In addition to our standard report library of over 100 reports, Crystal Reports® allows clients to customize reports based on company specific criteria or ad hoc user requests with minimal effort and maximum flexibility. Our staff are experts in helping you access and display your data the way that you need it.

What type of training and support will I receive?

Payroll Solutions staff will walk you through the entire first payroll and also follow-up in answering questions and explaining reports. and On-site clients receive in-depth training and phone support. Additional training is provided on an as-needed basis.

What data integration is available?

Payroll Solutions releases your data from outsourced payroll “prison”! Creating files from ASCII to Excel is easily configured for exportation. Our software also imports data from the most popular time clock systems.

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